FLASHBACK: When A Cubs Outfielder Stopped A Flag Burning (VIDEO)

The world of professional sports sure has changed over the years. Today, we have athletes kneeling during the National Anthem but back in 1976, an outfielder for the Cubs named Rick Monday saved the flag from being burned on the field.

Call To The Pen has the story:

Chicago Cubs History: Rick Monday Saves Old Glory

Back in the mid 1970’s, the country was in a great deal of turmoil. The Vietnam War, a hugely unpopular foray, was coming to an end. The Richard Nixon presidency had ended in an embarrassment not seen previously. While we had integration, racial tensions were still high. Protests were constant, occurring virtually everywhere imaginable.

On this day in 1976, those protests found their way to the outfield of Dodger Stadium. During the fourth inning of the Chicago Cubs game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, two protesters rushed the field, carrying an American flag with them. Setting up in the outfield, they prepared to set the flag on fire as part of their protest on the direction of the nation.

That is where Monday sprang into action. Running from his spot in center, he grabbed the flag and ran towards the left field foul line, keeping the flag from being set ablaze. In that moment, he became a figure for the conservatives of the nation to rally behind, a symbol that, no matter how bad things were currently, patriotism was still alive and well.

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Here’s the video:

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What a great story!


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