FLEEING HILLARY? John Kerry to Visit The SOUTH POLE On Election Day

John Kerry PT

Secretary of State John Kerry is getting as far away as he can on election day. Does he already know something the rest of us don’t? Should we take this as a good sign?

Voice of America reports:

Kerry Will Be Heading to South Pole as America Votes

Amid chilly diplomacy on many fronts, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry next week intends to place his legacy into the deep freeze.

Kerry is to venture to Antarctica and most likely will step on the South Pole, officials at the State Department announced Friday.

Kerry is to become the first secretary of state and the most senior U.S. official ever to visit the frozen continent.

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Kerry’s predecessor, Hillary Clinton, now the Democratic Party contender for the presidency, intended to go to Antarctica, but the logistics never fell into place.

The secretary of state will visit McMurdo, which is the largest research station of the U.S. Antarctic Program, as well as surrounding areas on Ross Island and the U.S. government’s Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

Skeptical reporters at the State Department immediately quizzed officials about the efficacy of what some of them referred to sarcastically as “people-to-penguin diplomacy.”

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Any encounters with the flightless birds, however, will be strictly hands off.

Is there any chance we can get him to stay there?


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