Florida Is Now A Red State And Democrats Could Struggle To Win There For Years

There may not have been a big red wave throughout the country this week, but there certainly was one in Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis won by an even greater margin than he did in 2018 and other Republicans did well throughout the state.

Democrats may struggle to win in Florida for years to come.

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

How Florida, the nation’s biggest swing state, turned deep red

Tuesday night was much worse for Florida Democrats than even some of the most optimistic Republicans had predicted. Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio vanquished their opponents by double digits. DeSantis-backed school board candidates won numerous races down the ballot. Republicans seized super-majorities in both legislative chambers…

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“At the rate Florida is going, a (no-party-affiliated) candidate for governor may have a better shot than a Democrat in 2026,” Democratic strategist Kevin Cate tweeted Tuesday before polls closed. “It’s that bad. Complete collapse.”…

Observers note that the Democrats’ problems may coalesce into a death spiral. Dramatic losses make future candidates less prone to run. Lesser-quality candidates make it harder to raise money. With less money, bigger election losses become more common. With the new electoral maps drawn by DeSantis’ office heavily favoring Republicans, the future only gets tougher for Democrats.

On election night, Obama’s former campaign manager David Plouffe said that the Obama coalition in Florida is gone.

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Ron DeSantis deserves much, if not most, of the credit for this.

It’s great news for Republicans heading into 2024.


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