FNC’s Steve Hilton: The Joe Biden Presidency Is Already Dead (VIDEO)

During his most recent broadcast, Steve Hilton of FOX News suggested quite plainly that Biden’s presidency is already dead.

He cited many of the reasons you might guess, like the economy, Biden’s inability to deal with any of the problems facing the country, etc.

He also opens with a humorous comparison to a Monty Python sketch.

Breitbart News provides a partial transcript:

HILTON: If you ask anyone in England to name a famous comedy skit, chances are they’ll say Monty Python’s “Dead Parrot.” A guy buys a parrot in a pet store then finds out it is dead. He goes back to complain, but the owner insists the bird is alive. It’s not dead. It is resting. He protests, as John Cleese repeatedly bangs the dead parrot on the counter then drops it lifelessly to the floor.

Well, this was the week it became clear that the Biden presidency is in fact, dead. It’s not resting. It is not in some temporary slump. Just like the parrot in that “Monty Python” skit, it is a presidency that is no more, that has ceased to be, it has expired and gone to meet its maker. This is an ex-presidency.

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On Thursday, they wheeled Biden out yet again to trundle up to Capitol Hill and beg his party to pass his infrastructure bill. They refused or to be precise, the progressives refused, the far-left refused…

In the words of that famous New York “Daily News” headline about President Ford refusing to bail out New York, they told Biden drop dead, and that was the moment the Biden presidency died.

The three central miserable dynamics of this appalling man, Biden, were all on display. First of all, why did he delay his trip to Europe? To beg for the infrastructure bill on Thursday. There was no actual deadline, no real world justification. It was all about Biden’s ego. He wanted to show off to the other politicians at the ludicrous Climate Summit in Glasgow, he didn’t want to be embarrassed or humiliated.

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Here’s the video:

Hilton makes some excellent points here.

Many Democrats would probably even agree.


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