Focus Group Of Michigan Swing Voters Shows Polls Favoring Biden Over Trump May Be Wildly Inaccurate

Have you noticed a similar pattern playing out in 2020 just as it did in 2016?

In the same way that all the polls leading up to the 2016 election claimed that Hillary Clinton was ahead, they are now saying Joe Biden is ahead.

Joe Biden, who can’t even form a sentence is being touted by the media as the front runner.

Is this a replay of 2016? It just might be.

A recent focus group of swing voters in Michigan showed that Biden is not nearly as popular as polls suggest.

From Axios:

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Focus group: Michigan swing voters question Biden’s ability to lead

Some swing voters in Warren, Mich., question Joe Biden’s ability to lead the country — calling him a “puppet” who’s not “mentally capable of being president” — while admitting they haven’t paid much attention to his events, platforms or speeches.

While a focus group is not a statistically significant sample like a poll, the responses show how some voters are thinking and talking about the 2020 election in crucial counties.

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the voters in the focus group were not seeking out details about what Biden is offering as an alternative to Trump.

Biden’s lower profile in mostly virtual events was proving no competition for Trump’s provocative attacks and national bully pulpit. Many of the voters couldn’t name a single achievement Biden has had in his life.

As in past elections, one of the top issues is the economy, and Trump absolutely buries Biden on this.

More from Axios:

Many of these voters prioritize the economy as their #1 issue in this election and continue to trust Trump on that issue, saying the economy was doing well before the pandemic.

In addition to improving the economy and trying to bring more jobs to the U.S., Jeff O. said he’s picking Trump because “I don’t think that Biden is mentally capable of being president.”

Matt T. described Biden as “up there in age” and “showing signs of dementia” as well as “a puppet” who is “controlled by a lot of people in the deep state.” He went on to define that term as “the lobbyists, the people that have the big money, the people that have influence on a lot of the politicians.”

If swing voters in Michigan feel this way, that is very good news for Trump.


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