Football Legend Mike Ditka Slams Athletes For Kneeling At Anthem: ‘Get The Hell Out Of The Country’

In recent years, the NFL and other major sports leagues have been bleeding fans due to their embrace of left wing ‘woke’ politics.

Now it worse than ever before.

Athletes throughout professional sports are bowing to the mob by taking their knees during the national anthem.

Legendary football coach Mike Ditka is not impressed.

The Hill reports:

Mike Ditka knocks kneeling athletes: ‘Get the hell out of the country’

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Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka took aim at athletes kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice in a recent interview, saying, “If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country.”

Ditka, who recently became the chairman and owner of a women’s football league known as the X League, made the comment after being pressed about whether his new league would permit similar protests from players during an interview with TMZ Sports released on Sunday.

“If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country. That’s the way I feel. Of course, I’m old-fashioned. So, I’m only going to say what I feel,” he said.

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“You don’t protest against the flag, and you don’t protest against this country who’s given you the opportunities to make a living playing a sport that you never thought would happen. So, I don’t want to hear all the crap,” he continued.

Do the major teams think they’re fans want to see them kneel? They’re going to find out the hard way.

Will they still be kneeling when no one is watching them anymore?


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