Former Andrew Cuomo Staffer Describes Toxic Workplace: ‘We Were In A Cult’

A former staffer for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is speaking out and says she and her fellow staffers are starting to realize they were in a kind of cult.

This isn’t surprising, Democrats and the media treated Cuomo like a cult leader all last year. He could do no wrong.

Now the harsh truth is coming out.

Gothamist reports:

“It’s The Cuomo Way”: Former Staffers Describe Toxic Workplace Under Governor’s Relentless Thumb

“They flew me back from vacation once because they needed something done,” one former staffer said, adding she still jumps at the ping of a Blackberry. “You had go-bags. You literally had to be ready to go at a drop of a hat.”…

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“There was a general sense that when the governor was in the building that you were to walk on eggshells,” another said. “And while you’re walking, make sure those shoes are nice and shiny.”…

Three former staffers used the words “Stockholm syndrome” to describe life in Cuomo’s office, a psychological reaction when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors. Another described it as a textbook abusive relationship.

“They push you until you want to be there. You want them to like you,” one former staffer said. Another, who said she’s been talking with former employees since the allegations broke, put it this way: “We’re all kind of waking up to the fact that we were in a cult.”

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Cuomo’s base of support has fallen apart and he could even face an investigation.

Cuomo is going to try to ride this out but it may not work. He might actually have to step down.


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