Former Attorney General Calls Out CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘You’re Misleading A Lot Of People’ (VIDEO)

Former attorney general Michael Mukasey recently appeared on CNN and schooled host Chris Cuomo. They were discussing Russia and the 2016 election, because that’s all CNN ever talks about, and Mukasey got the last word.

FOX News reports:

Former AG Michael Mukasey calls out Chris Cuomo for ‘misleading’ coverage of Mueller investigation

A former attorney general has slammed CNN host Chris Cuomo, accusing the host of “misleading” his audience about the Mueller investigation.

Michael B. Mukasey, a former federal judge, and President George W. Bush’s attorney general, took Cuomo on during an interview on his show Tuesday night. During a discussion about Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the Mueller report, Cuomo argued that Barr wrote his letter in a purposeful way to mislead the American people.

Mukasey, however, fired back that it was Cuomo and his network that proposed the report itself and the information within it in a misleading way.

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“That letter came at a time when, no criticism of you, but your network were devoting days of people sitting around and talking about a report that they didn’t — whose content they didn’t know, that they hadn’t seen, in essence, panels of people sitting around a table inhaling their own exhaust and getting high on it,” Mukasey said.

“The country was in a state of absolute hysteria. You had a countdown clock in the corner of not one but several networks about the release of the report. He did the responsible thing,” Mukasey said of Barr.

Watch the video below:

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Mukasey has also been critical of the Mueller investigation for taking so long.

The Daily Caller reports:


President George W. Bush’s former attorney general wants to know why special counsel Robert Mueller didn’t sooner clear the Trump campaign of collusion with Russia.

Michael Mukasey was a guest on the Fox News podcast “Hemmer Time” Thursday when he asked why Mueller waited so long to tell Americans that he could find no evidence of collusion.

You can learn more on that by following the link in the tweet below:


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