Former Clinton Press Secretary Calls Fox News A “Corrupt Enterprise” While On CNN (VIDEO)

Joe Lockhart was a press secretary in the Bill Clinton White House. As a result, he has been close to both of the Clintons over the years.

He is not happy about 2020 Democrats doing town hall events on FOX News. This weekend, he referred to the FOX News channel as a corrupt enterprise. Mind you, he said this on CNN.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Clinton White House spokesman says ‘Fox News is a corrupt enterprise’

Joe Lockhart, a political analyst for CNN and former White House press secretary for President Bill Clinton, blasted Fox News as a “corrupt enterprise” that does not do real journalism during Monday’s edition of “New Day.”

The panel was discussing whether it was a good idea for presidential contender Mayor Pete Buttigieg to appear in a town hall with Fox News.

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“I think once he made the decision to go on, that was right. I’m with Elizabeth Warren on this though. I think that Fox News is a corrupt enterprise,” Lockhart said. “I think it is not a journalism company. It’s a company that was built by Roger Ailes in order to promote conservative Republican political ideas and in prime time, they spread the kind of disinformation that actually worked with the Russians to sow dissent in this country.”

“I think the Democrats should avoid going on because — like they should avoid being involved with any other corrupt enterprise,” he said.

See the video below:

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Lockhart is also one of the many Democrats complaining about Attorney General William Barr.

Mediaite reported:

Joe Lockhart: AG Barr Did Incredible Disservice to the Country In ‘Lying’ About Mueller Report Findings

When asked to opine, Lockhart first joked that Barr was “smarter as a younger guy,” before ripping the Attorney General.

“I don’t know Bill Barr” Lockhart opened, adding “I don’t know that I believe all of the stories before his confirmation that he was some incredibly principled man. He was the guy for the job. If anyone believed that and they still believe it, they are just naive.”…

“What he did was an incredible disservice to the country. The way he did it. The way he withheld the report and then on three separate occasions told the American public this is what the report says. So that everybody read it in that frame of mind. The fact is the report said just the opposite. You can call it misleading, spin. I call it lying. When you have the president of the United States, the press secretary, the attorney general all effortlessly lying something’s not to change.”

Is it any wonder why Lockhart is a frequent guest on CNN?

He follows their narrative to the letter.



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