Former Defense Secretary James Mattis Slams Obama Foreign Policy Failures In New Book

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis has a new book out and in it, he takes some shots at former President Obama.

It seems Mattis was not a fan of how Obama handled the Middle East and ISIS.

The Washington Examiner reports:

‘Catastrophic decisions’: Mattis savages Obama for ‘failure’ in foreign policy

Though former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis only mentions his last boss, President Trump, in the opening pages of his new book, the Washington establishment seems certain the tome on leadership is directed at him, with one observer calling it “mainly a 100,000-word subtweet.”

Mattis says he won’t discuss a sitting president, though it seems clear he disdains Trump’s leadership style. But he is scathing about a former president in Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead, which is released today, and he doesn’t hesitate to name him: Barack Obama.

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The former general’s opinion of Obama, for whom Mattis was head of U.S. Central Command from 2010 until 2013, might be summed up by a single entry in the book’s index: “Obama, Barack, strategic thinking lacking.”

That entry points readers to a couple of the book’s most thoughtful passages on the necessity of allies and the dangers of alienating them. Those who have heard Mattis in his publicity campaign emphasize these points assume he’s speaking indirectly of Trump: for example, his disparagement of NATO. But Mattis makes clear in Call Sign Chaos that he believes Obama bungled Middle East policy and, as a result, sent American allies around the world a dangerous message.

Mattis has been making media appearances and he has a lot to say.

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Mattis is a great man, who has done a great service to our country.

He deserves all the praise he gets.


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