Former DNC Worker – The Democrats Have Moved Too Far To The Left For Me

Erich Reimer worked for the DNC and other Democratic organizations. He even volunteered for the Obama campaign. But now he’s saying he’s done with the Democrats for moving too far to the left.

He writes at FOX News:

Democrats are losing support from many – including me – as they move further left

The Democratic Party I see today is very different from the one I knew and worked for in my younger years. Instead of seeking support from the center of the political spectrum it has moved ever leftward, embracing positions that leave millions of Americans feeling left out.

The centrist policies that made Bill Clinton a two-term president are far different from the radical leftist policies of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who calls himself a Democratic Socialist rather than a Democrat. Even President Clinton’s wife, Hillary, embraced positions considerably to the left of her husband when she defeated Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination last year and went on to lose the election to Donald Trump.

I was active part of the Democratic Party apparatus during the first decade of this century and though much of President Obama’s time in office. I worked at the Democratic National Committee’s Political Department in Washington, served as a national official in the High School Democrats and College Democrats, worked on the Obama campaign’s National Youth Committee, and did consulting work for Democratic candidates…

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Many “establishment” Democrats still hope for the return of a time when our discourse and process was less polarized. Nonetheless, a new breed of Democratic activists that is rising in the party has no such inclination. For them, destroying conservatives is almost as worthwhile a goal as promoting their progressive causes.

The problem with the Democratic Party is that it has been taken over by anti-American socialists.

They don’t like the country and want to change it.


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