Former Elizabeth Warren Staffers Go After Reporter For Not Cheerleading For Her Campaign

Some Elizabeth Warren staffers are apparently very bitter about her dropping out of the presidential race.

Some of them have even decided to go after a reporter from Politico who was assigned to cover her campaign, because they don’t think he did enough to promote her campaign positively.

That’s not his job, but they don’t seem to appreciate this.

The Daily Wire reports:

‘Eat S***’: Ex-Warren Staffers Blast Reporter Who Didn’t ‘Actively’ Cheerlead For Campaign

Looking to unload after a resounding electoral rejection, former campaign staffers for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have been publicly blasting Alex Thompson, the Politico correspondent tasked with covering Warren’s presidential campaign, for not adequately cheerleading the senator’s presidential run.

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“Some Warren campaign staffers don’t have a good understanding of campaign journalism,” said Thompson in a tweet thread Saturday morning. “Not my job to ‘actively support the candidate that you were assigned.’ It is my job to contact as many [people] as possible rather than just rely on what the campaign wants to give me.”

Thompson then provided screenshots of public tweets he’s received from several former Team Warren staffers, including two ex-staffers telling him to “eat sh*t” — albeit one of them used the poop emoji instead of spelling it out.

See the tweets below:

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This is obviously true:

Isn’t it rather telling that these folks believe the media is supposed to act like part of their team?


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