Former News Editor To CNN Host: Media Has Become The Opposition Party (VIDEO)

A former editor for the Observer went on Brian Stelter’s CNN show this weekend and explained to him that CNN and the rest of the mainstream media has become the opposition party. He absolutely nailed it but Stelter still denied it.

Here’s a partial transcript via Legal Insurrection:

KEN KURSON: So the idea here is that the media has become the opposition to Trump. Just listening to the intro to this show, listening to Fareed’s show before it, it’s no longer that the Republican point of view holds forth, and the Democrats hold them accountable, and the media covers it. It’s that the president and the White House put forth their point of view, the media argues with them, and the Democrats have become totally irrelevant to that discussion. It’s a stunning thing to watch unfold during this presidency.

BRIAN STELTER: About the irrelevancy of the Democratic party?

KURSON: Totally! And the way the press has assigned itself the chore of undoing the results of this election, which they simply don’t accept. And I think the shame of it is, we no longer have even a two-party system, which many think is too few. We have a one-party system, and the media as the other party.

KURSON: During these breaks, when I watch you go on Twitter. The way journalists reward each other for stabbing and needling—there’s a new system of reward that is out there for journalists that has very little to do with policy and very little to do with advancing this country.

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Watch the video:

That’s the best analysis we’ve seen in a while!


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