Former Obama Adviser David Axelrod Has Major Doubts About Joe Biden’s Candidacy

Joe Biden is running around the country reminding everyone that Barack Obama is his best friend, despite the former president’s lack of endorsement.

However, some of the people who worked for Obama aren’t so sure about Biden as a candidate for 2020.

David Axelrod was a senior adviser to Obama in 2008 and 2012. He has some big concerns.

He recently wrote at CNN:

A serious warning for Joe Biden

A week ago, Joe Biden seemed to be sailing to the Democratic nomination. His nearly flawless launch had allayed doubts about the durability of his support, his ability to raise enough money and even his desire to enter the fray.

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Biden’s shrewd strategic decision to train his fire on Donald Trump from the start, essentially bypassing the primary and jumping to the main event, instantly seemed to solidify his front-runner status. In a party desperate to defeat the President, the former vice president presented himself as the seasoned warrior, suiting up for one last battle to defend the fundamental democratic values and norms Trump has sundered.

The result was an immediate eight-point boost in his lead in national polling, doubling that of his closest competitor, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and lapping the field. The money poured in. Trump signaled his assumption — and, perhaps, concern — that Biden would be his opponent by firing off a fusillade of malign tweets…

The former VP and his campaign sowed new doubts with their clumsily shifting answers on the fundamental issue of federal funding of abortion.

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To review, Biden had long supported the Hyde Amendment, a provision in federal law barring the use of federal funds for abortion. He was not alone. Many Democrats have concurred with Hyde, albeit reluctantly, if only to forestall more drastic restrictions…

So far, Biden has pursued a much lighter schedule than the other candidates. He went an entire 10-day stretch recently without a public appearance, and those he makes are carefully choreographed. He largely has avoided the media or challenging interview settings.

It may be a smart strategy to a point, but the Rose Garden can become a Game of Thorns if the sense grows that the aging candidate is being protected from himself. The campaign is a proving ground to show he is up to the demands of the job.

Axelrod isn’t alone in this. Jen Psaki, who also worked in the Obama administration also recently criticized Biden:

This is not a good sign for Joe at all.

These are his former co-workers.



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