Former Obama Staffer: Democrats Not Listening, Haven’t Learned Right Lessons (VIDEO)

Former Obama staffer Jen Psaki seems to understand something most Democrats still don’t get. During a recent interview on CNN, she said that part of the reason Hillary lost was because she didn’t listen to the people. She also suggested that Democrats still haven’t learned the lessons of the last election.

Townhall reports:

Ex-Obama Aide: ‘Not Sure’ Democrats Have Learned The Right Lessons and Hillary Doesn’t Help

Psaki made her thoughts known to CNN’s Jake Tapper, where she answered Tapper’s question about whether this is a good time to be rehashing the 2016 election.

Tapper then addressed that Barack Obama was from liberal academia and he was able to do pretty well in red rural counties. Well, good enough to prevent a run up like the one inflicted on Hillary Clinton. If you win the key counties of a state, let’s say in Ohio, and then lose by 25 in the rural regions instead of 50—victory rests on the margins. Obama was able to do this effectively, which is why he was elected and re-elected in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

Most importantly, voters felt he would be a fighter for them. There were 200 counties that voted for Obama twice that flipped for Trump. Psaki noted that Clinton just couldn’t connect with voters in the way Trump could. She also said that her party probably hasn’t learned the right lessons from their 2016 defeat.

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Watch the video:

Will Democrats listen to her? She’s right on so many levels.


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