Former Planned Parenthood Managers Claim They Had ABORTION QUOTAS (VIDEO)

Planned Parenthood always tries to claim that abortion is a small part of what they do. But the evidence always seems to point the other way. This story will blow your mind.

Hot Air reported:

Former Planned Parenthood managers: We had to meet quotas for abortions

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Does pizza make a great motivator to end a pregnancy? The latest video from Live Action features former Planned Parenthood managers discussing the financial pressure put on clinics to maximize the revenue stream from their core business — abortions. The pressure wasn’t just limited to the managers either, but also to the women who came to the clinic:

“I trained my staff the way that I was trained, which was to really encourage women to choose abortion; to have it at Planned Parenthood, because it counts towards our goal.”

“It sounds kind of crazy, but pizza is a motivator [for getting abortion numbers up].”

Most of this sounds like the kind of sales-management tactics one would see from retail entities or real-estate offices. It’s not quite Glengarry Glen Ross, but it doesn’t sound anything like a health-care entity.

Watch the video:

That’s pretty sick.

If liberals want to fund this organization, let them do it with their own money. Not tax dollars.

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