Former U.S. Attorney: Kavanaugh Inquisition Is What Future Would Look Like Under Democrats (AUDIO)

The Kavanaugh hearings this week was a disgusting display by the Democrats. Former U.S. attorney Joe diGenova, thinks we’re getting a preview of what life would be like if the Democrats retake power. He makes an excellent case, too.

Breitbart reports:

Joe diGenova: Kavanaugh Inquisition Is Our Future with Democrats in Power

Former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova framed Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings with Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh as glimpses of America’s future with Democrat congressional majorities. He offered his remarks in a Friday interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

DiGenova said, “What you saw on display by the Democrats on that committee was the raw political power that they will wield against people of goodwill, and all you have to do to know that is what’s going to happen is look at what the IRS did to conservative groups under Lois Lerner and John Koskinen.”

DiGenova continued, “This is the future of our country if the Democrats get control of the House and Senate. They are vile people. There is nothing good anymore to be said about the Democratic Party. They have eschewed all integrity [and] honesty in pursuit of power. They are an ugly people, and they need to be beaten down politically and defeated.”

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Listen to the audio below:

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