Founder Of Liberal Political Site Says The Right To Own Guns Is ‘Completely Made Up’

Why do so many people on the left have such a poor understanding of pretty much anything having to do with guns?

For years, people on the left have tried to analyze the language of the Second Amendment and prove that it doesn’t guarantee the right to gun ownership.

Now one prominent liberal is claiming that the right to gun ownership is just made up.

Bearing Arms reports:

Founder Of Liberal Site: Right To Own Guns Was Made Up

The right to keep and bear arms longs predates the invention of guns. Originally, it encompassed spears, bows, swords, and so on. It was long held that a man had a right to defend himself from attack and, as such, had the right to have whatever tools he could afford to use in that effort.

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Hence, the right to keep and bear arms.

However, not everyone agrees. Some people think the right to keep and bear arms is really about states despite the Second Amendment’s use of the term “people’s right.” It seems people only mean people and not states when it’s convenient. Some people think the right is entirely fictional.

One such person, though, is Josh Marshall, the founder of the liberal website Talking Point Memo, who tweeted this on Wednesday.

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See the tweet below:

That is a stunningly bad take. Does he know American history at all?

People on the left just can’t stand all those pesky rights we have as Americans.


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