Founder Of #WalkAway Movement To Tucker Carlson: ‘I Thought CNN Told The Truth’ (VIDEO)

We have profiled Brandon Straka in a few earlier posts. He is the former liberal behind the #WalkAway movement which is encouraging liberals to abandon the far left and the Democratic party. This week, he appeared on the Tucker Carlson show and talked about what brought him to this point.

Here’s a partial transcript via News Busters:

“A friend of mine came to me and showed me something that pointed out clearly how dishonest the media was in the Donald Trump campaign. How they would isolate moments from his behavior and make it appear as though he were a racist or a bigot or whatever. Now, I didn’t realize this. I thought CNN told the truth. I thought MSNBC told the truth. I thought Rachel Maddow told the truth. So this was blind blowing to me. And once I realized this I went on a quest to find out more, what other things aren’t they being honest about. Which it turns out was quite a lot.”…

“I wanted to create a campaign because I knew there were other people like me who were feeling the same way. I created a testimonial campaign, utilizing video and written testimonials. This is happening on Facebook, the hashtag “walk away” campaign. People on going on from the left, leaving video and written testimonials, why they have walked away.”

Watch the full video below:

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This should scare the heck out of Democrats. People are abandoning their party.


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