Four Of The Democrats Still Running For 2020 Have Campaigns That Are Almost Completely Broke

When it comes to politics, fundraising is everything.

Not only does fundraising keep a campaign going, it is a measure of the public’s interest in a candidate.

As of now, there are four Democrats still in the race for 2020, who are basically running on fumes.

Politico reports:

Warren, Biden and Buttigieg dangerously close to going broke

Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren each started the month scraping perilously close to the bottom of their campaign bank accounts, posing an existential threat to their candidacies as the Democratic primary goes national.

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They’re up against well-funded machines threatening to dominate the Democratic race: Bernie Sanders, whose recent rise in the polls has come during a major spending streak fueled by his online donors, and billionaire Mike Bloomberg, whose fortune has vaulted him into the middle of the campaign to take on President Donald Trump.

While Sanders started February with nearly $17 million in the bank, according to campaign finance disclosures filed Thursday night, his next closest rival (nonbillionaire class) was Biden, at $7.1 million. Warren was closest to the red, with just $2.3 million left in her account, while Buttigieg ($6.6 million) and Klobuchar ($2.9 million) were in between.

The cash crunch comes at a critical time in the race, with nearly one-third of the delegates available in the primary up for grabs on Super Tuesday on March 3 — and only a handful of candidates able to marshal resources to advertise to voters in those 14 states.

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For each of these candidates, the timing couldn’t be worse.

ABC News has more:

Several 2020 Democrats face major cash crunch ahead of competitive primaries

As the 2020 Democratic primary field enters an ever-more competitive phase of the historic presidential election, most candidates are facing a major cash crunch– except for Sen. Bernie Sanders and the two billionaire contenders, the latest campaign disclosures show.

Leading up to what resulted in a chaotic first party contest in Iowa, most of the major Democratic presidential candidates saw red during January fundraising. This is indeed the spending season — but as the candidates like to remind us, the voting has barely begun. The race is on, not just for delegates, but for cash.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in particular were treading a dangerous line with a high burn rate, spending more than twice what they brought in last month.

Cory Booker and Julian Castro were forced to drop out when they could no longer raise money.

Don’t be surprised if we see more people drop out for the same reason very soon.


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