Fox Host: Obama Puts His “Legacy” Above Safety Of The American People


KT McFarland, host of Fox’s DefCon 3, dropped some truth bombs on Varney & Co.

When asked about Obama’s legacy, she put Obama’s interests in priority order. Guess which came first? Guess which came later?

KT got some pushback from host Stuart Varney. But she didn’t back down. She stuck to her guns.


From the video:

KT McFarland: You don’t need to be a shrink to figure this out. What does he [Obama] really care about? His legacy. What does he not care as much about? Well, the safety and security of the American people. 

Varney: That’s a terrible thing to say . . . 

KT McFarland: Look, here’s their foreign policy. Their foreign policy is strategic patience. Everything’s going to work out in the end . . . 

Later, Varney – no fan of Obama’s – stated his opinion, and KT McFarland doubled down on her earlier statement:

Varney: I think he [Obama] feels that his legacy is to some degree in shreds. And he’s desperately trying to defend it. That would be my opinion.

KT McFarland: Or he’s in a parallel universe. 

Varney: That’s another very strong statement, KT. This is the President of the United States of America. 

KT McFarland: Who thinks that his legacy is much more important, and he gets much more excited about it, than he does when he’s talking about defending American people at home. 

Strong indeed! 

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