FOX News Host SLAMS JILL STEIN On Recount: ‘Is This How You Want to Be Remembered?’ (VIDEO)


FOX Business Network host Kennedy asked Jill Stein a very good question yesterday. Is this really how Stein wants to be remembered? No one is going to remember her 2016 campaign. They’re going to remember her pointless effort to throw shade on the integrity of the vote.

Mediaite reports:

‘Is This How You Want to Be Remembered?’: Kennedy Faces Off with Jill Stein on Recounts

On Fox Business Network tonight, Kennedy faced off with Jill Stein about her push for recounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Stein said, “This is not a partisan action here. This is on behalf of very frustrated, cynical, disappointed voters.”

She pointed to how there was hacking earlier on in the election, but Kennedy said there’s no evidence to indicate any voting systems were hacked. She pressed Stein on why she’s only focusing on these three states in particular, taking note of how those are all states won by Donald Trump…

Kennedy offered Stein some words of praise, calling her a “woman of great integrity,” before asking her, “Is this how you want to be remembered?” Stein said she’s been consistent throughout the election on favoring challenges in states where there’s “doubt.”

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Here’s the video:

It’s hilarious to watch Stein try to spin this situation into some kind of positive action.

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Nothing she’s doing is bringing anyone together.


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