FOX News Ratings Crash As Disgusted Fans Desert Network Over 2020 Election Coverage

What is happening at FOX News is the second biggest story of the 2020 election.

Conservatives, Republicans, and even right leaning centrists have called the FOX News network their cable media home for decades. But something changed in the run-up to the 2020 election night.

Things got even worse on election night, when FOX News jumped the gun and called Arizona for Joe Biden before calling obvious Trump won states like Florida and Texas.

FOX News fans felt betrayed, and still do. They are deserting the network and it is having a drastic effect on ratings.

On the third night of election coverage, CNN was already beating FOX News in the ratings.

The Wrap reports:

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Ratings: CNN Beats Fox News Again on Night 3 of Election Coverage

CNN topped Thursday night’s election coverage with an average of 6.3 million primetime viewers, beating Fox News for the second night in a row in networks’ ongoing competition to track Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s nailbiter presidential race.

Fox News had 5.6 million viewers last night, MSNBC got 4.9 million.

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The rankings for Thursday in the key news demographic, adults ages 25-54, for the cable news channels were the same. Among that group, CNN took 2.9 million viewers, Fox News drew 1.5 million and MSNBC had 1.3 million.

The National Pulse reports:

Internal Fox News Numbers Reveal Catastrophic Viewership Collapse

Last Friday’s ratings for the supposedly “conservative” outlet were less than both CNN and MSNBC for the first time in years, according to an internal Fox document containing viewership analytics.

The numbers show that on November 6th, Fox pulled 2,266,000 viewers while CNN saw nearly twice as many at 4,009,000 viewers. Similarly, MSNBC, per Fox’s internal numbers, counted 2,983,000 viewers, beating Fox by over 700,000 viewers.

Numbers don’t lie. This is a nightmare for FOX News, purely of their own making.

The conservative blogger Ace of Spades says none of what is happening at FOX News is an accident:

This is a calculated corporate repositioning coming from the Murdoch Bois and then, a bit further down, Paul Ryan and Chris Wallace and the rest of the “Brain Room” crew.

They have decided to betray you — but they think so little of you that they think they can hang on to a substantial number of you by occasionally having Brit Hume on to say something vaguely conciliatory.

Yes, they are realizing that their plan of taking a hard left turn but keeping their assumedly stupid and sheeplike audience isn’t quite working, so they’ll consult some corporate crisis response professionals who will advise them how to make some soothing noises during this transition period.

But they have no plan of deviating from the plan to become CNN With Country Music.

They thought about this plan. They previewed this plan for the past three years.

They’re now executing this plan.

No matter how the 2020 election is finally settled, what is happening at FOX News will not be forgotten by their former fans.

These viewers think they’ve been betrayed, and they have a right to feel that way.



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