AWESOME: After County Removes American Flag Memorial Over ONE Complaint, Residents PUT IT BACK

In Washington state, a single individual complained about being offended by the sight of a veterans’ memorial decorated with American flags.  The county decided to dismantle the memorial, but outraged locals put it right back up.

Fox57 reports:

A local community is making a bold move after a roadside memorial honoring veterans was taken down in Preston.

King County road crews took down a “years-old display” of American and POW flags in the town of Preston after someone complained about it.

Crews also say they took down the original flags because they didn’t have permission to be there.

But on Thursday night angry neighbors hung up new flags.

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“People were really, really upset about this,” said one local resident.

Another local man, Robert Cunningham, said it doesn’t make sense that a single complaint could lead to the destruction of a memorial to U.S. veterans.

“One person says they don’t like it, and they take it down. I don’t understand,” he said. “We live in the United States of America. This is our flag. Why is it offensive?”

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King County officials say they want to find a solution – and a new location for the memorial because “signage and displays can create a visual distraction that may cause drivers to look away from the roadway.”

And as for the display’s content – officials say making allowances for some would make other displays harder to ban.

One whiny anti-American leftist should not have the power to force the removal of the American flag.  Ever.


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