Conservative In HOLLYWOOD?! The Iconic Pat Boone Has “No Regrets”

Gone are the days of a Hollywood dominated by conservative stalwarts like Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne.  Now, Hollywood seems to be filled with quasi-socialist snowflakes whose rabid anti-Trump rhetoric is alienating their prospective audiences across America.

Not so fast!  There are a number of conservatives still in Hollywood, and the iconic actor and singer Pat Boone declares that he has “no regrets” about sticking to his conservative principles, even as it cost him jobs.

PJ Media reports:

Singer and actor Pat Boone revealed that thousands of conservatives in Hollywood often meet together in secret “without fear” of losing their jobs and told PJM he has “no regrets” about his own conservative activism as an entertainer.

Boone, 83, said he noticed a decline in the number of invitations he received to events in Hollywood after publicly identifying himself as a conservative Republican and supporter of Ronald Reagan.

According to some media reports from last year, the “quiet” conservative organization Friends of Abe had dissolved with the intention of holding less centralized events; Boone told PJM the group is still growing with more than 2,000 members whose identities would “surprise” the public.

“It’s been a great relief because most of the things I had to make excuses for not coming; I mean, I didn’t want to go to a lot of the events that were taking place and I’ve long since lost interest in just the standard movie premiere, I can watch it on Netflix or when it comes around or I can go to the theater. They all begin to after a while seem to be very much alike and people show up not to see the film but to be seen themselves, and I say I don’t need that anymore,” Boone said during an exclusive interview at the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference.

Other conservatives in Hollywood include: Kelsey Grammer, Jon Lovitz, Shannon Doherty, Drew Carey, Robert Downey, Jr., Patricia Heaton, Bruce Willis, and Gary Sinese.


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