CRAZY! Al Gore Claims Climate “Battle” JUST LIKE Fighting Slavery and Apartheid

Al Gore, alleged “crazed sex poodle” and long-time climate alarmist, is a mess, but for some reason the left still holds him in high esteem.

When Gore said the earth is “several million degrees” just beneath its surface or that the north pole would “disappear” and melt away within five years (this was ten years ago, and scientific expeditions are being cut short because even with ice cutter craft they can’t cut through the ice), the left hung on his every hyperbolic utterance.

So it’s no surprise that they are touting as near-Gospel his newest proclamation that the battle over climate change is just like the battle against slavery and apartheid.

Fox News reports:

Global warming activist and former veep Al Gore likened the battle over climate change to humanity’s greatest struggles — like the fights against slavery, apartheid and nuclear proliferation — during a speech Thursday in Australia, according to a newly reported transcript. 

In a July 13 speech to the EcoCity World Summit in Melbourne, the former vice president argued combating global warming was “in the tradition of all the great moral causes that have improved the circumstances of humanity throughout our history,” according to the website Climate Depot.

“The abolition of slavery, woman’s suffrage and women’s rights, the civil rights movement and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, the movement to stop the toxic phase of nuclear arms race and more recently the gay rights movement,” Gore said.

Marc Morano, executive editor for, told Fox News he made an audio recording of Gore’s remarks because summit organizers prevented media from videotaping the event.

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Morano, a former communications aide to climate change skeptic Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., also confirmed reports that security staff physically prevented people from taking photos with their cell phones.

Crazy town.


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