Leftist Muslim Pleads Guilty To Jewish Center Bomb Threats Blamed On Trump Supporters

The left is so convinced that President Trump’s supporters are violent lunatics that they aren’t in the least swayed by the lack of violence from the right.  Instead, they simply manufacture it.

Fake hate is a very real phenomena, and it works because the initial story is the one that gets the coverage.  The “oops,” that was just some left-wing loon, part gets buried.

In yet another example of this, a Muslim leftist, claiming to be a supporter of President Trump, made bomb threats against a Jewish Center.  The idea, of course, is to solidify the left’s cherished narrative that the president and his supporters are racist xenophobes and hate-filled bigots.

Jihad Watch reports:

So many things illustrated in this case: the fanatical hatred of the Left; the Jew-hatred of the Left; the absolute unscrupulousness of Leftists in their quest to defame and destroy those whom they hate and fear; the Leftist/Islamic alliance; the dishonesty of Leftist “journalists”; the credulousness or willful ignorance of the establishment propaganda media in initially reporting these threats as evidence of a recrudescence of the anti-Semitic “far-right,” supposedly invigorated by Trump; and the fact that the Left will stop at absolutely nothing in attempting to advance its insidious agenda.

. . . . “Ex-journalist pleads guilty in Jewish threats case,” KSDK, June 13, 2017 (thanks to J.J.):

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NEW YORK – A former journalist from St. Louis accused of threatening Jewish organizations as a way to harass his ex-girlfriend has pleaded guilty to cyberstalking.

Juan Thompson also pleaded guilty to a charge of conveying false information and hoaxes….

Federal prosecutors said Thompson sometimes used his girlfriend’s name while making threats against Jewish community centers, schools or other facilities.

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They said one message claimed he had placed two bombs in a Jewish school and was “eager for Jewish Newtown,” a reference to the 2012 school massacre in Connecticut…

Since they can’t find actual bigotry and violence by the president’s supporters, they just fake it.  Again and again.


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