OUTRAGEOUS: Leftist “Journalist” Caught LYING About Danger During Routine Traffic Stop


The left is so eager to “prove” that America is a racist country that they invent thought crimes and publish them as fake news.

A leftist journalist completely fictionalized his traffic stop, playing up his (as a white man) perceived role as a black person.  Or something.

The Blaze reports:

A leftist columnist in Missouri was caught lying in an article about a dangerous interaction with “arrogant” sheriff’s deputies during a routine traffic stop. However, the sheriff’s department released dashcam video of the deputies being courteous and professional to the columnist, who himself was shown to be rude.

According to the New York Post, Bill Clark, an 84-year-old columnist at the Columbia Daily Tribune was pulled over on June 20 by Boone County Sheriff’s deputies for failing to use his turn signal. Clark claimed was likely pulled over due to his plethora of “liberal bumper stickers,” signaling an “aging hippie with a weed habit.”

Clark wrote in his column “Ol’ Clark has run-in with the law,” that his life was in danger from the officers during the stop.

“I’m lucky I didn’t get shot,” Clark wrote. “Sirens wailed and when I stopped, two officers were out of the sheriff’s vehicle. When I reached over to turn off the radio and then take my wallet out of my pocket to produce the driver’s license and insurance card, I realized my hands were not at the top of my steering wheel. Danger lurked and official arrogance was to follow.”

. . . . “I’ve just come to appreciate even more the words of those minorities when they speak of harassment and police arrogance. I had a good dose of arrogance on this evening and, in my rearview mirror, the image of the second officer out of the car, his hands ready in case I made the wrong move. My life seemed to be in danger.”

Here’s the video:

Perhaps needless to say, this leftist’s account of the “racist” traffic stop was entirely fiction . . . and, happily, caught on tape so the TRUTH can be told.

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