Google Reportedly Giving $2 Million To Nation’s Leading ANTI-GUN Groups

The left has become increasingly anti-Second Amendment over the past decade or so, so it’s no surprise that Google would donate to a campaign that includes “the nation’s leading” gun “control” groups.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Google announced plans on Friday to donate $2 million to a violence reduction campaign that includes the nation’s leading gun control organizations.

The grant will be given by, an arm of the search giant that provides money and resources to nonprofit organizations, and go to the PICO LIVE FREE Campaign. That campaign focuses on reducing gun violence, especially in minority communities centered in major cities. The new initiative it’s creating with the grant will involve gun control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Americans for Responsible Solutions, Guns Down America, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

The money will primarily be spent to “scale up and accelerate the implementation of evidence-based gun violence prevention strategies in cities with high incidents of gun related homicides and shootings” a press release detailing the grant said. Chicago, New York City, Dallas, Oakland, Orlando, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee will be among the cities the campaign focuses on. The campaign said its main goal will be to “support local efforts to reduce homicides by firearms, decrease mass incarceration, and center communities of color in the fight to reduce gun violence in America.”

Why is the left so focused on disarming the American people?


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