HILARIOUS! Leftists Melt Down Over Kid Rock’s Senate Run, Bemoan The “TERRIFYING New Normal”


Alpha males confuse leftists who have been raised thinking that everyone should get a trophy and that regressive gender confusion is settled science.  Kid Rock, alpha male extraordinaire, has the left reeling at the very idea of his reported Senate run.

The New Yorker reports:

Ritchie is a strident supporter of Donald Trump. He performed a seventy-five-minute set in Cleveland immediately following Trump’s acceptance of the nomination at the Republican National Convention, last July, and, in April, visited the White House alongside Nugent and Sarah Palin. He sells a T-shirt bearing the phrase “God, Guns, and Trump,” another featuring an electoral map of the country in which Republican states are identified as “The United States of America” and Democratic states are identified as “Dumbfuckistan.” Yet another says, “_onald Trump,” with a footnote explaining, “The ‘D’ is missing because it’s in every hater’s mouth.”

It is psychically exhausting trying to reconcile the moral engine of Ritchie’s ideology—for example, I cannot think of a major religious text that promotes the overuse of booze or promiscuity, two pastimes Ritchie has ridden hard for—but he has nonetheless branded himself as a kind of pious bedlamite, busting up vintage televisions to insure the ongoing liberation of American men.

Now it’s almost too easy to compare Ritchie to Trump—both have considerable (and dubious) celebrity but no political experience. Both enjoy golf, are prone to hysterical braggadocio, and pander to the religious right while having previously indulged in a hedonistic life style. (Ritchie was once featured in a leaked sex tape alongside Scott Stapp, the singer of Creed, and four women.) But, mostly, each is advancing a strange and aggressive vision of America, in which bluster and bullying are high virtues, while patience and grace are mocked. Both claim an allegiance to rural, working-class Americans, while simultaneously advancing rhetoric (or legislation) that will only further wound the poor.

Poor snowflakes don’t get that America is over their pajama boy lunacy.


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