HOLLYWOOD FAIL: Father Son Duo Carl And Rob Reiner Launch Lame Attack On President Trump

The celebrity attacks on our president are reaching a fevered pitch.  This week, father-son duo Carl and Rob Reiner found their own individual ways to attack President Trump.

Rob Reiner, “Meathead” on 1970’s hit show All in the Family, tweeted:

His father, Carl Reiner, didn’t call for “an all out war” among Americans, but he did appeal to Supreme Court Justice Kennedy not to retire.  The elder Reiner “fears” a Trump replacement on the Supreme Court.

The New York Times published Reiner’s open letter to Justice Kennedy:

The country needs justices like you who decide each case with fairness and humanity, and whose allegiance is to the Constitution of the United States of America, not to a party line. You have always voted your conscience, and defended the rights and liberties of all our citizens.

. . . . Imagine if you retired from the bench. What would your days be like? Here’s a scenario: You revisit your carefree years, rent a red Volkswagen and travel through Europe, stopping in Paris for coffee and a croissant on the Champs-Élysées, then on to the Amalfi coast, where you’ll sail to the waterfalls of Marmorata and the Emerald Grotto.

How would you feel, while reading your newspaper, seeing a headline that read “Roe v. Wade Overturned”? Do you see how this could ruin a good meal? A good life? A great country?

I believe I’ve made my case. It’s now 1 a.m., and I am going upstairs to my computer to tweet out my thought of the day, because I can. I have the freedom to do that because of people like you who are committed to protecting our liberties and our Constitution.

In case you are wondering, here is the type of Rachel Maddow-loving tweet he counts among his “thoughts for the day”:

And they wonder why we don’t watch their movies!

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