LOL! Left Wing HuffPo Announces 23 City Tour To Study Normal Americans

Ever get the feeling that media elites see us as wild animals one might view in their native habitat from the safety of a safari tour vehicle?  There’s a reason for that: the media simply has no idea who Americans outside their coastal leftist enclaves are or what we believe.

To remedy this shortfall, the progressive Huffington Post is conducting a “Listen to America” (safari) tour in which they will travel to 23 cities to learn about real America.  What can go wrong?

From HuffPo:

We’re hitting the road on a 23-city tour to hear concerns from across the nation.

I am so pleased to announce “Listen to America,” a hugely ambitious, cross-country project we’re undertaking at HuffPost to understand what’s on the minds of Americans and what it means to be American in 2017. Consider this an invitation to our journey.

For journalists, listening is more important than ever. Why? First, trust in the news media is at an all-time low. We want to address that head-on, and build trust in the work we do, by visiting communities that are largely ignored by national media. We’ll listen to what’s most important to them, and help tell those stories to the vast HuffPost audience.

Second, political divisions between us seem starker than ever. But at HuffPost, we believe there’s still so much that unites us as citizens. We aim to discover and highlight all that, and show what Americans have in common. As we visit 23 states, we’ll use our bus — built out as a mobile video studio — to listen and collect hundreds if not thousands of voices, and we’ll share many of them along the way. We’ll also create ways for you to make your voice heard too, even if we aren’t coming to your hometown.

Third, as journalists, being good listeners, and getting out of our own way, are at the core of our practice. “Listen to America” is an opportunity to practice this skill over and over, and discover great stories out in the field, where they live.

They seem sincere . . . and they have no clue how out-of-touch and crazy this is. 


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