LOVE IT! Ordered To Disclose His Russian Connections, Jeff Sessions Releases BLANK SHEET OF PAPER

The left has been beating the Russia collusion drum for all it’s worth . . . which is nothing because there is exactly zero evidence that President Trump or his campaign “colluded” with Russians.

In a hilarious turn, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions was ordered to disclose his Russian contacts, and he submitted a blank document!

Leftist outlet Think Progress reports:

Ordered by court to disclose his Russia contacts, Sessions releases blank sheet of paper

In response to a court order directing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to disclose the part of his security clearance form detailing his Russia contacts, the Department of Justice released a mostly blank page of paper.

The Thursday morning “disclosure” comes in response to a lawsuit from an ethics watchdog group.

According to NPR, a “recently-launched ethics watchdog group called American Oversight filed a Freedom of Information Act request in March for sections of the Standard Form 86 [i.e., security clearance] relating to Sessions’ contacts ‘with any official of the Russian government.’” On June 12, a judge ordered the DOJ to comply with the request within 30 days.

As recently as Wednesday, the DOJ said it planned to comply with the court order. But the deadline came and went this week.

On Thursday morning, the DOJ finally made an attempt to comply with the court order by disclosing a single page document that is almost totally redacted. The one exception is a box checked ‘No,’ indicating Sessions has not had contact with a foreign government in the last seven years.

Oh, and the Think Progress subhead? “What’s he hiding?”



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