Religious Liberty Under ATTACK: Pro-Life Doctor Fights Illinois State Law Forcing Him To PROMOTE ABORTION

A new law in Illinois requires health care providers to assist people in getting an abortion and to promote the “benefits” of getting an abortion . . .  even if it violates their own religious beliefs and/or conscience.   One Illinois obstetrician is fighting back.

The Blaze reports:

Obstetrician Dr. Robert Lawler is fighting a new Illinois state law that forces him and other health providers to assist people in getting abortions, even though it’s against his faith and religious convictions.

He spoke to Tucker Carlson Friday on Fox News about it.

“Last year that state passed a law that requires all doctors,” Carlson explained, “pharmacists and pregnancy centers to assist pregnant women in getting abortions, even if they are morally opposed to killing.”

“You’re a pro-life physician,” he continued, “obviously you believe that abortion is the taking of a life. You’re morally opposed to it. You are now required by the state of Illinois to facilitate it, or to recommend a place to get one, if asked?”

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“That’s correct, Tucker, in fact,” Lawler responded, “we’re supposed to counsel the patient on the purported benefits of abortion, which, of course, there are none, and then if asked to provide a referral for an abortion, and also provide a list of nearby abortion facilities, where the vulnerable woman can procure the abortion.”

“A clear violation of our conscience rights,” he concluded.

Once again, the left’s idea of “tolerance” means our having not only to tolerate but to actively work to promote their agenda, even if it means violating our religious liberty.

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