Repeal Now, Replace Later: Mark Levin Drops Health Insurance Truth Bomb on Eric Bolling

President Trump tweeted that if Republicans cannot pass the GOP repeal and replace bill, they need to do repeal now and replace later.

In response, Fox News’ Eric Bolling fretted that repealing now without a replacement would cause massive disruption in health insurance coverage.  Mark Levin, however, was quick to point out the obvious flaw in that argument: insurance companies, given sufficient notice, will quickly fill the void and will write policies to cover those whose coverage is disrupted by ObamaCare repeal.

The Blaze reports:

Conservative Talk radio host Mark Levin debated Fox News host Eric Bolling on whether it would be better for the country and the president if the promised Obamacare repeal was postponed until after Republicans work on tax reform. The segment ran on The Specialists Friday.

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“Do we see eye to eye on this?” Bolling asked.

“No.” Levin answered curtly.

“Or do you want to see something passed, Obamacare repeal immediately?” Bolling continued.

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“I’ll tell you why I disagree with you,” Levin replied. “First of all, why do we keep arguing about health care in the context of what the left argues. Let’s say they repeal it. And they give them twelve months advance notice. What do you think’s gonna happen? Insurance companies are gonna create policies for 20 million people.”

“There’ll be new insurance companies that are created,” he explained. “You think they’re gonna leave that money on the table? 20 million people are gonna be on the streets and die in this country? It’ll never happen, we’re a nation of entrepreneurs. That’s number one.”

“Number two,” he continued. “Putting it off isn’t gonna fix it. You think they’re just going to easily be able to slash taxes? That’s not gonna happen.”

. . . . “The answer is not more government.” Levin responded to a later objection. “The answer to the American people is, ‘do you like liberty? Do you like to be able to see a doctor you wanna see? Do you want to see more and different types of policies that aren’t approved by the federal government?’.”

Give the free market a chance? Sounds like a great idea.


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