Report Alleges Susan Rice Committed NUMEROUS Crimes, “Better Get Herself A Good Criminal Defense Attorney”

Susan Rice gained national attention and disapproval when she made the Sunday talk show rounds parroting the proven lie that a video was responsible for the Benghazi attack.  Since then, her questionable statements include the assertion that traitor Beau Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction.”  These were lies, political scandals.

Her latest scandal, however, involves something far more serious in legal terms.

BizPacReview reports:

While filling in for host Sean Hannity on Friday night, Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle had Fox News contributor and attorney Gregg Jarrett and Circa News’ Sara Carter on to discuss the hot water Susan Rice now finds herself in.

Water so hot that Jarrett believes Rice should “get herself a good criminal defense attorney.”

Guilfoyle began the segment by asking Jarrett what President Trump should do about all “these deep state leaks.”

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“He should encourage his Department of Justice to investigate,” Jarrett responded, “Congress to investigate, and look, Susan Rice has got a lot to answer for. She is sort of the Queen of the False Narrative which is a polite way of saying ‘lie.’ She not only lied about the Benghazi case and Bowe Bergdahl but then she hauls off and tells Judy Woodruff, ‘I don’t know anything about incidental collection’ and then when she gets caught red-handed she says, ‘Well, OK, I knew all about it, but I never asked for the unmasking on Trump Transition officials.’”

Jarrett then went on to list the three crimes Susan Rice could likely be found guilty of:

“Well now the NSC has the goods on her and that appears to be a lie as well. So she may have actually committed three potential crimes here. One, it’s a crime to lie on your unmasking request. Number two, it’s a crime to use your office for political purpose, and number three, it’s a crime to leak the unmasked name.”

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“She better get herself a good criminal defense attorney,” Jarrett concluded.


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