REALLY? Teen Vogue Defends Sharia Law in America

Andrew Breitbart warned (loudly and often) that the radical left was winning the culture war, and he was right.  One of their more insidious attacks on America exploits our Constitutional freedoms for the purpose of undermining them.  Rarely is this more evident than in the way that the left embraces Islamic Sharia law as some sort of “spiritual law” compatible with our Constitution and Judeo-Christian values.

Understanding, as totalitarian evil-doers always do, that children are malleable and easily inculcated with the least logical and most destructive ideologies, the left that wedded itself to multiculturalism is now insisting that Islamic Sharia law is somehow “different” in America.

This watered-down (and non-existent) Sharia these people push on our children is beyond misleading.  But it’s being spoon-fed to our nation’s youth.

Breitbart reports:

Left-wing magazine Teen Vogue called ACT for America’s nationwide “March Against Sharia” protests “hate speech.”

The protests — which took place in more than 20 cities, including New York, Dallas, and Atlanta — were an example of “hateful speech as a free speech issue.”

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“For example, on the question of sharia — the topic of Saturday’s marches — there is wide space for people to learn more about what sharia is,” Asma Uddin and Firdaus Arastu wrote in an op-ed for Teen Vogue. “For many Americans, it sounds scary — we hear tales of a system where hands are chopped off and adulterers are stoned. But this is not the sharia of America.”

“Sharia is a set of legal rules that deal with a range of issues from the minutia of washing hands and feet to purify oneself before prayer to inheritance rules. It’s also about spirituality,” Uddin and Arastu wrote.

Sharia Law is the brutal and often oppressive Quran-preached islamic law, practiced, in varying degrees, in several Muslim-majority countries — Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan.

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Such barbaric tenants of Shariah Law, including imprisonment or death for apostasy (abandoning Islam), mental and physical subjugation of women, and genital mutilation of girls are still practiced throughout the Muslim world.

There is nothing American about Sharia law, and there is no such thing as a watered-down “American” version of Sharia. 

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