Florida Sheriff Urges Citizens to Be Armed And Prepared to Combat Terrorism (VIDEO)

Proudly bearing the label of “one of the most politically-incorrect sheriffs in America,” Broward County (FL) Sheriff Wayne Ivey urged his citizens to arm up and fight back in the face of terrorism.

Hot Air reports:

Video: Florida sheriff urges people to arm up and prepare. Outrage ensues

In Brevard County, Florida, Sheriff Wayne Ivey has made a name for himself as being “one of the most politically incorrect” people in law enforcement. And by his own admission, he’s fine with that. But he’s drawn national attention for a new video which his department released this month, encouraging people to arm themselves and learn how to fight to protect their own lives and families in the event of a spontaneous terror attack such as we’ve been seeing around the globe.

. . . . Despite what you’ll see in the various media attacks being launched against him, Ivey isn’t foaming at the mouth or spouting conspiracy theories. Nor is he encouraging anyone to break the law or do things they aren’t personally comfortable with. He’s simply reminding citizens that the cops can’t be everywhere at once and sometimes it takes time for them to respond to reports of an attack. That delay may cost you your life or that of your loved ones if you aren’t able to defend yourself.

Ivey ranges all over the place in defense of his position, citing everything from news coverage of actual terror attacks using low tech weaponry to quotes from Sun Tzu’s Art of War. (“Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever begun.”) He encourages those with concealed carry permits to have their weapons on their person at all times where legally allowed. (Your firearm isn’t going to do you any good at home when you’re out of the house.) But for those who choose not to keep firearms, he asks them to get training on how to use other forms of weaponry ranging from tasers to golf clubs to chairs or even fire extinguishers.

Watch the video:

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