WHOA! Feds Are Funding “CLIMATE CHANGE DENIAL” Research


It’s bad enough that Obama’s Attorney General wanted to prosecute “climate change deniers,” but now the feds are squandering taxpayer money so some doctoral student can study “climate change denial.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The National Science Foundation is funding a doctoral dissertation on “climate change denial.”

The University of Kansas was awarded $12,000 for the research, which began on June 1. The research seeks to find a “more complete and nuanced understanding” of individuals who are skeptical that human beings cause climate change.

The dissertation focuses on two parishes outside of New Orleans, along the Mississippi River, and claims that residents who work in the oil industry “exploit the local environment.”

“The study will investigate residents’ attitudes on climate change and assess the relationship between these attitudes and local environmental policy,” according to the grant for the study. “This region is of specific interest due to the unique configuration of social and environmental factors that impact the community, including environmental risk, economic dependence on extractive industry, high rates of climate change denial, and high concentration of oil and gas employment.”

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The researchers seek to prove that people who do not believe in man-made global warming are driven in part by their emotions.

“This study will challenge dominant perspectives on climate skepticism by incorporating economic, cultural, and emotional factors into the discourse on climate change denial,” the grant states. “By contributing to a more complete and nuanced understanding of climate change denial, this study will have potentially transformative impacts on the future of climate discourse and policy by providing new tools for climate advocates to address climate denial in the political arena.”

So the purpose of this taxpayer-funded study is to figure out what propaganda can be used to better sell climate change to over-emotional bumpkins who dare question their mythical “settled science.”

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