GAFFE MACHINE: Joe Biden Accidentally Trashes The Obama Years During Speech (VIDEO)

While speaking to union leaders this week, Joe Biden tried to appear angry and concerned about the little guy. In the process, he trashed the years during which Obama was president and he was vice president.

He’s a walking gaffe machine. This is what you’re going to get if you nominate him, Democrats.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Biden Denounces Obama Years: We’ve Gotten So Damn Sophisticated, So Damn Elitist

Former Vice President Joe Biden denounced the “sophisticated” and “elitist” attitudes that he believes have overtaken the United States in the past 15-20 years, in a speech delivered to union leaders on Friday.

“There is no possibility any of those guys making millions of bucks on Wall Street, doing good work wherever they’re doing it and doing very well, they could not function without the work you do. Literally. It’s impossible to make the country function without what you do,” Biden told his audience. “And don’t you forget it. Don’t you forget what you do.”

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Biden then called out American culture at large for abandoning its blue collar roots.

“We’ve gotten so damn sophisticated. We’ve gotten so damn elitist,” he said.

Biden added that people who do menial labor deserve the thanks of the rest of the country.

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“They make life work for us,” he said. “And I hate they way things have changed over the past 15-20 years.”

Watch the video:

Peggy Noonan has written a new column about why Biden shouldn’t run.

Here’s an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal:

Don’t do it, Joe.

Don’t run for president. It won’t work, you won’t get the nomination, your loss will cause pain and not only for you.

And your defeat will be worse than sudden, it will be poignant.

Right now operatives for the other candidates are trying to scare you out of jumping in. We all know that what you intended as warmth is now received as a boundary violation. You addressed this in a video that was crisp and friendly: You never meant to cause discomfort, you intend to change your ways.

But it’s not going away. It will linger, and more will come.

Democratic operatives do not fear you will win the nomination—they think you’re too old, your time has passed, you’re not where the energy of the base is, or the money. But they do not want you taking up oxygen the next six to 10 months as you sink in the polls. And they don’t want you swooping in to claim the middle lane. Others already have a stake there, or mean to.

In the past you were never really slimed and reviled by your party; you were mostly teased and patronized. But if you get in the race this time, it will be different. They will show none of the old respect for you, your vice presidency or your past fealty to the cause. And you are in the habit of receiving respect. Soon the topic will turn, in depth, to Anita Hill, the Clinton crime bill, your friendliness to big business. You have opposed partial-birth abortion. Also, the old plagiarism video will come back and be dissected. It was more than 30 years ago, and for a lot of reporters and voters it will be a riveting story, and brand new.

It’s all true.


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