Gavin Newsom Tells People Of California ‘We’re Not Going Back To Normal’

California Governor Gavin Newsom keeps proving that he absolutely deserves the recall effort that is building against him.

During his state of the state address this week, he told people that California is not going ‘back to normal’ after the pandemic.

Why? Because he is using this as a way to push through his Marxist agenda.

Townhall reports:

Gavin Newsom Tells Californians They’re ‘Not Going Back to Normal’

In his State of the State address on Tuesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom acknowledged residents were “exhausted” by the public health measures his administration has had to implement amid the coronavirus pandemic, but said their efforts were worth it.

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“People are alive today because of the public health decisions we made — lives saved because of your sacrifice,” he said. “Even so, I acknowledge that it’s made life hard, it’s made life unpredictable, and you’re exhausted by all of it.”

Instead of assuring Californians that things would soon go back to normal, he said they never would.

Yes, the pandemic “will end soon,” he noted, but when that happens, “we’re not going back to normal.”

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“Normal was never good enough,” he added. “Normal accepts inequity.”

People have been waiting to go back to normal for a year and this is what they get from their governor. It’s sickening.

His recall can’t come soon enough.


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