Gay Pride Banner Says ‘Republican Hate Kills’ Even Though Orlando Shooter Was Registered Democrat And Hillary Supporter

Republican Hate Banner

In a bizarre case of political spin and propaganda that would make George Orwell proud, marchers in a recent New York City gay pride parade held a banner which said “Republican Hate Kills.”

Omar Mateen, the Islamic terrorist who committed mass murder by shooting up a gay nightclub in Orlando was not only a registered Democrat, but a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

This is an actual screenshot from a recent article about Mateen in the Washington Post:

Omar Mateen Hillary Supporter

So what’s happening here is that the creators of the banner, and the people carrying it, are blaming Republicans for something they had nothing to do with in an effort to hide the truth.

Hillary Clinton even marched in this parade.

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Doug Powers wrote at Michelle Malkin’s website:

Hillary joins NYC gay pride parade blaming ‘Republican hate’ for ISIS-influenced registered Dem’s attack on Orlando club

So far this year about 1,800 people have been shot, over 300 fatally, in the longtime Democrat stronghold and gun control utopia of Chicago.

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Earlier this month, dozens of people at a gay nightclub in Orlando were murdered by a radical ISIS-influenced Islamist who was a registered Democrat.

Naturally, what happened next shouldn’t be very surprising:

The people who did this know the truth but are distorting it for political gain.

It’s despicable that they would lie about such a horrible situation for the sake of power.



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