George Soros’ Son Lives Like A Plutocrat And Parties With Hollywood’s Elite (PHOTOS)

Alex Soros

The contemporary grandfather of globalism and socialist dominance across the world, George Soros, has a son who lives like the plutocrats and parties like Hollywood celebrities.

Daily Mail reports:

From slumber parties with gorgeous models to hanging with NBA players at his $72 million Hamptons summer retreat, Alexander Soros is really living it up. 

The 30-year-old philanthropist and son of investor George Soros – who is worth around $24.9billion – appears to enjoy playing host while renting out ‘Villa Maria,’ the Water Mill mansion belonging to late shoe designer Vince Camuto.

Lavish gatherings at the sprawling 20,000-sq-ft compound this summer have included lobster bakes, games of drunken hide-and-seek, bottles of rosé, according to the New York Post.  

Alex Soros2 Alex Soros3 Alex Soros4

Must be nice being a 1 percenter while pretending to fight for the working class!

Image: Source


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