George Stephanopoulos Dumbfounded When Kellyanne Says Media Tried to Help Hillary Win (VIDEO)

This is a perfect example of the media’s dishonesty. In an interview on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos, Kellyanne Conway pointed out the media’s bias against Trump and Stephanopoulos acted shocked like no such thing ever happened.

From NewsBusters:

Stephanopoulos Dumbfounded When Conway Says Media Tried to Help Hillary Win Election

CONWAY: Russia was unsuccessful in their attempt. I think it was also called they aspired and they attempted to influence our democracy and they failed and I’ll tell you what. A lot of people in the mainstream media, maybe not here, but a lot of people in the mainstream media interfered by trying to help Hillary Clinton win and they too failed.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What do you mean by that.

CONWAY: Oh, my god, George. There’s never been — unprecedented deluge of criticism and rumors and innuendos against Donald Trump. There was an active campaign by many in the media against him in his effort to win the presidency. He overcame that and I, frankly, think the media helped us because it was an anti-elitist election.

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STEPHANOPOULOS: You think reporting on Donald Trump was an activity trying to help —

CONWAY: Disproportionate to Hillary? Yes, I think, yes, [chuckles] I think we can evidence that. I’m happy to come up with the evidence that every headline, the race is over, he has no path to victory, he’s going to take the House and Senate down with him. We were just ignored on great days we were ignored. On most days we were mocked and there was an active, active, really — an ongoing, active effort by many in the mainstream media to help Hillary Clinton win and they misled their viewers and their readers by telling them she would.

Watch the video:

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Who does George think he’s kidding?


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