GET READY FOR IT! Hillary Drops Below Magic Number Of 270 Electoral Votes

GET READY FOR IT! Hillary Drops Below The Magic Number Of 270 Electoral Votes!

Friday, before election day, was a big day for sliding states in the electoral college. And the lead that Hillary has had in the phony polls throughout the campaign has now slipped away. She is below the magic number, and many suspect it will slip even more as we get closer to election day.

Daily Mail has a detailed accounting of the slide.

Hillary Clinton has dropped below the threshold of 270 electoral college votes needed to win the presidency, according to CNN’s forecasts on Friday, as formerly battleground states shift towards Donald Trump.

A shift to Trump in Ohio, Utah and the second congressional district of Maine has undercut the number of electoral college votes which the Democrat can count on, the broadcaster said.

Utah only became a ‘battleground’ in late October as Clinton gained ground on Trump.

CNN said that New Hampshire has now inched away from leaning Democrat and is now classified as a battleground.

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Clinton can now count on 268 electoral college votes – still significantly ahead of Trump at 204. Either candidate needs 270 – the majority of the 538 votes available -to win.

Whether the FBI investigation and Wikileaks caught up to her or the righteous indignation of an electorate fed up with corruption finally pulled the plug on status quo politics, Hillary has got to be sweating as this news breaks.

We know the media has been stacking the polls for months. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a Trump landslide on Tuesday.

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