GET WOKE, GO BROKE: ESPN Lost 8 Million Subscribers Last Year

ESPN’s decision to embrace left wing politics is still costing them, big time.

People who tune in to a sports network are typically looking for news and information about sports, not lectures on white privilege and social justice.

The network has apparently lost up to 8 million subscribers in the year 2021 alone.

Outkick reports:


Last year ESPN lost eight million cable and satellite subscribers, finishing 2021 with around 75 million total subscribers. That eight million subscriber loss, an average of nearly 22,000 people a day, represented 10% of ESPN’s overall subscriber base and accelerated a calamitous decline from over 100 million subscribers just over a decade ago.

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The loss of those eight million subscribers will cost the network roughly a billion a year in recurring revenue across all ESPN network properties.

The number, which was released by the company itself just before Thanksgiving in late November of last year, escaped most major media attention, despite representing the largest yearly subscriber loss in ESPN history. I flagged it back then to write about, but waited until now because I was intrigued to compare the interplay between ESPN’s linear cable channel and the ESPN+ streaming service it has also launched, which ESPN is claiming will save the company.

I’ll get to that new streaming service in a moment, but I’ve been writing about ESPN’s major cordcutting issues for years. In fact, back in 2016, six full years ago, I forecast that ESPN would finish 2021 with 75 million subscribers.

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This is an embarrassing loss for a network that used to be the go-to home for sports news.

They could fix this problem by going back to basics.

Will they?


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