Glenn Beck: The Assault On The Southern Border Is Being Orchestrated By Marxists In Chicago (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck has brought his old black board out of retirement. In a recent video posted to YouTube, Beck explained how the caravans which are repeatedly straining America’s southern border are part of a campaign being waged by far left Marxist activists in Chicago.

The Hill Reporter has details:

Glenn Beck Blames Immigration on ‘Communists in Chicago’ & George Soros

Glenn Beck left Fox News back in 2011 to start his own television network, The Blaze. The TV and radio host, however, still makes Fox News appearances from time to time.

He returned to the network last night to deliver a ranting diatribe on what President Trump should do about immigration. Beck claimed that the problem should be handle internally as the root of the issue is Communists and George Soros.

Beck discussed a church in Chicago that offers sanctuary for immigrants without naming the church. He may have been referring to The Wellington Avenue Church which began taking refugees in 1982.

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The church did so, ” in the medieval tradition of churches providing sanctuary for those fleeing persecution, aimed at providing a safe haven for Central Americans running from political repression and violence in their home countries.”

Watch the whole video below:

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This is not showing any signs of stopping. Communities on the border are being completely overwhelmed.

The El Paso Times reports:

Border Patrol migrant drop-offs in Las Cruces accelerate with no end in sight

The Border Patrol dropped off more migrants in Las Cruces on Saturday morning and there’s no end in sight.

Agents dropped off 61 migrants (33 of them children) at Mesilla Valley Community of Hope about 10 a.m. and three vans carrying another 22 migrants (10 children) arrived at the Meerscheidt Recreation Center at 11:15 a.m. City officials said as many as 80 more migrants could arrive later in the day.

“They’re talking about people coming all night long, 24-7,” Barry Russell, recreation program manager for Meerscheidt Recreation Center, said.

Additional migrants are expected on Sunday and in the days to come.

City spokesman Udell Vigil said that migrants could be arriving “for the next several days.”

The city closed Meerscheidt Recreation Center on Friday night to accommodate the influx and it will remain closed indefinitely. City officials made that decision because the Gospel Rescue Mission and Community of Hope said on Friday that they were full.

Yet Democrats continue to insist there is no crisis. Unreal.


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