GLORIOUS! Mike Pence NAILS LIBERAL REPORTER For Double Standard On Trump And Obama (VIDEO)


Vice President Elect Mike Pence appeared on ABC News on Sunday. During his interview with George Stephanopoulos, Pence nailed the media’s double standard.

Stephanopoulos kept trying to suggest it was outrageous that Trump took a call from the democratically elected president of Taiwan.

Pence pointed out that the media praised Obama for reaching out to Fidel Castro, a dictator.

As usual, Pence did it with total class.

NewsBusters reported:

Pence Nails Double Standard in Media Over Trump’s Taiwan Call

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Hardly a news cycle passes without another phony controversy conjured by the left in a flailing effort to discredit Donald Trump before he takes office.

The latest mock-outrage du jour stems from Trump’s inexplicable refusal to observe the subtleties of diplomatic protocol by taking a phone call from another world leader without first getting it vetted through a State Department still run by the outgoing president of the opposing party. Such indelicacies can cause many a sleepless night for career diplomats. Have you no shame, Mr. President-elect?!

Joining the chorus of media luminaries who are shocked, shocked by Trump’s refusal to play by their rules was longtime Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos in his prominent role as host of the ABC Sunday show This Week.

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STEPHANOPOULOS: So no implications for the one China policy?

PENCE: Well, we’ll deal with policy after January the 20th. This was a courtesy call and plus, I have to tell you, George, it’s a little mystifying to me that President Obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba in the last year and be hailed as a hero for doing it and President-elect Donald Trump takes a courtesy call from the democratically-elected leader in Taiwan and it’s become something of a controversy. But I think the American people appreciate the fact that our President-elect is taking calls from and reaching out to the world and preparing on day one to lead America on the world stage.

Watch the video to the end:

Mike Pence is going to be an awesome Vice President.

Trump made a great choice!


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