GOOD! ICE Has Arrested Almost 1,400 People In Anti-Gang Operation

Trump promised to support ICE and let them do their jobs. He’s clearly standing by that promise because they’re making huge gains. They recently carried out an anti-gang operation that netted almost 1,400 arrests.

The BBC reports:

ICE arrests nearly 1,400 in major anti-gang operation

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The United States Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has arrested 1,378 people over the last six weeks in a massive gang-related operation.

Of those, 1,095 were confirmed as gang members, ICE said, while the remaining 238 “were arrested on either criminal or administrative charges”.

More than 900 of the arrested were US citizens.

Acting director Thomas Homan said “violent criminal street gangs are the biggest threat facing our communities”.

The Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) unit carried out the operation, its largest to date.

ICE said it was targeting gang members and “associates” involved in cross-border criminal activity – including drug and weapons smuggling, sex trafficking and murder.

During the six-week operation, 238 firearms were seized, alongside almost 600lb (270kg) in mixed drugs, and almost half a million dollars in cash.

Those arrested were considered “confirmed” as gang members, ICE said, if they admitted to membership, had been convicted of gang-related offences, had tattoos of a specific gang, or were identified “by a reliable source”.

Here’s a question: Why were these gangs allowed to flourish under Obama?

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