GOOD LUCK WITH THAT: Democrats Respond To Defeat By Going Even Further Left


Democrats lost big last week. Not only did they lose the White House, they also lost big in congress. The American people rejected their far left radicalism. How are they responding? By going even harder to the left.

One person being considered to take over leadership of the Democratic National Committee is Congressman Keith Ellison. He makes Bernie Sanders look reasonable.

Breitbart reports:

The Pendulum Swings Leftward for the Democrats – And That’s Good News for Donald Trump

Thus we come to Rep. Keith Ellison, the left-wing African-American Muslim Congressman from Minnesota. A Friday headline in Politico tells us what’s likely in Ellison’s future: “Warren: Ellison would make a ‘terrific’ DNC chair.” That would be, of course, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s endorsing Ellison to be the next leader of the Democratic National Committee, succeeding Brazile.

Indeed, later that same day, Sen. Bernie Sanders—whom most Democratic activists see as the Great Victim of 2016, as he was so obviously robbed by the Hillary-controlled DNC—endorsed Ellison. Also endorsing was Sen. Chuck Schumer, the incoming leader of the Senate Democrats. So as we can see, looking toward the DNC election in January, Ellison has genuine momentum.

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So who is Keith Ellison? For one thing, he’s the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus; indeed, he has a vote-rating of zero (on a zero to 100 scale) from the American Conservative Union.

Under the headline, “Democrats Embrace Their Radicalism,” Commentary’s Noah Rothman delves into him further:

Ellison, a former disciple of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, has compared the 9/11 attacks to the Reichstag fire, implying that its effects—the empowering of the Bush administration to prosecute the Global War on Terror—was the attack’s design.

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And so the rest of us might ask: How could the Democrats want this radical man as their partisan spokesperson—especially in 2017, when so few other Democrats will have the national stage? In what electoral universe is Ellison an asset?

Democrats lost blue collar voters in droves. And this is their response?

They learned nothing from the election.



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